Have you thought about what you’ll do for National Car Care Month? If not, then consider how a regular service or repair saves you money. Not only from increased fuel efficiency, but it helps you avoid a more significant problem later. Give O’Brien Hyundai of Fort Myers a call and let us handle your car servicing needs. Our Hyundai dealership keeps your used Hyundai in excellent shape, so it’ll serve as a reliable family car for many years to come.

Brake system. We recommend calling us immediately if you hear any type of grinding while you’re braking or notice a smell. Both of these things can indicate a problem with your brakes. Of course, if you’re also pushing the pedal further and further to the floor without results, then it’s definitely time to contact us. Our experts work on disc and drum brakes in the front and rear of your vehicle. We’ll look over the brake pads, rotors, pistons, brake hoses, calipers, and drums.

Cooling system. The cooling system is responsible for keeping your engine cooled down for efficient performance. A shift in temperature shortens the life of your engine and reduces your fuel efficiency. Let our team double check your cooling system for radiator leaks, faulty thermostats, and other problems with the radiator.

Alignment. Don’t let an off-balanced car turn into a need for four new tires. If you ignore the vibration in the steering wheel and poor handling, then you could end up facing much more significant problems. During an alignment, our Hyundai dealership near Cape Coral checks out the ball joints, suspension, steering, and bushing on your vehicle.

Deliver the care your car needs with service during National Car Care Month. At O’Brien Hyundai near Cape Coral, we handle all your car servicing needs onsite. Schedule your appointment conveniently online or give us a call today.