Keeping your Hyundai in smooth running shape depends a lot on the fluids working under the hood and throughout the car. If you haven’t the time to check these yourself, visit O’Brien Hyundai of Fort Myers.


Your Hyundai car’s engine needs oil. Oil is the lubrication for all its parts. As oil gets low, it could cause performance issues.

If low, oil should be added until it’s time for your next oil change. According to AAA, most vehicles need an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Talk to the Hyundai service techs about what they recommend for your Hyundai.

Radiator Fluid

Radiator fluid is essential to keeping your car from overheating. Should you begin to overheat, you are likely to stall out in traffic. Avoid this costly and troublesome experience by ensuring the radiator fluid is at the level it should be.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is the lubrication your transmission needs to keep running smoothly. Without it, your transmission would be no good. This vital fluid is key to keeping your car running. When you have your transmission fluid checked, also request they test the quality. If the fluid smells burnt or has debris, it needs to be changed.

Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid enables power steering, which makes it easier to control your Hyundai car’s wheels. Thus, it is vital for a smooth drive. Driving without power steering could be dangerous and could lead to an accident. If you’re low, get a refill as soon as possible.

Get a Fluid Check-Up Today at O’Brien Hyundai of Fort Myers

Don’t worry about fluids again for a while when you visit our Hyundai service center. We’ll check the fluids, change if needed, and refill to the appropriate level. You can schedule online or call us at 239-232-6416.