Although our temperatures in Florida don’t require special winter maintenance or cold-weather services, the ongoing heat and humidity take a toll on the engine of your Hyundai near Estero, FL. At O’Brien Hyundai of Fort Myers, we recommend seasonal car maintenance regardless of your location. Keeping your car serviced keeps your vehicle running smoothly. Moreover, you’ll find that regularly maintained cars retain their value and get the most out of their mileage. Luckily we won’t be experiencing any snowfalls here in Florida, but as part of a seasonal maintenance schedule, we suggest checking with your local Hyundai dealer for specials. 

The typical types of seasonal services we recommend are oil changes and filter replacement. Dusty conditions and other air quality issues degrade the quality of your fluids and filters. Inevitably, it decreases engine performance. 

With the heat of Florida, you’ll want your cooling system frequently. Your manufacturer specifies how often your coolant should be flushed and refilled. Our service center at O’Brien Hyundai of Fort Myers, FL checks the levels, condition, and concentration during every oil change. 

If your used Hyundai near Estero, FL is nearing five-years old, then you’ll want to have your battery checked. There’s nothing like a vehicle that won’t start with a storm coming in. Our service department takes the appropriate precautions to ensure your battery has the proper fluid level and corrosion-free connections. 

Seasonal maintenance helps keep a used Hyundai performing like new. Your local Hyundai dealer near Estero, FL enables you to determine what type of maintenance your used Hyundai needs. Give our service center in Fort Myers, FL a call and set up an appointment for season maintenance on your used Hyundai.