What’s the best way to avoid an accident? Start by staying alert to the road around you. It’s easy to get comfortable in your daily commute and drop your guard and that’s why accidents happen when you’re least expecting it. Keep yourself and your Hyundai car safe with these tips from your Hyundai dealership near Cape Coral.

Florida drivers are accustomed to swift changes from sunshine to rain. We’ve all been blinded by the glare from puddles left on the road. But, wet conditions also increase your car’s stopping distance, which is why it’s crucial to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. Always keep your lights turned on during inclement weather and be prepared to stop suddenly.

Along with the weather, distracted drivers and pedestrians are another common road hazard. An oblivious driver may cut you off in traffic, or a walker may jut out in front of your vehicle. Keep an eye on your mirrors and blind spots while preparing for a sudden stop.

Both highways and city streets may have other road hazards that surprise you. For example, high winds may knock cargo from trucks or cars or send a child’s ball into the roadway. Swerving to avoid obstacles is a natural response; however, if you’re not aware of what’s in your blind spot, then you might end up in a significant accident. While not every accident is preventable, by staying alert, you can avoid many serious hazards.

Our Hyundai dealership offers a variety of new and used Hyundai models near Cape Coral that offer safety technologies to assist you while driving. If you have concerns, then stop into O’Brien Hyundai of Fort Myers today.