O’Brien Hyundai knows that when it’s time to look at the new 2019 Hyundai models, like the 2019 Hyundai Sonata, then you’ll get caught up in the advanced safety features and excellent offers. Car buyers often spend less time thinking about their insurance policy or if additional coverage is necessary. However, if your vehicle is in an accident or you’re the victim of a natural disaster, then you may be stuck with a hefty bill even after your insurance pays out. Don’t be caught off-guard, find out how gap insurance protects you when you need it the most.

Traditional insurance typically covers the current cash value of your vehicle. Which means that if that number differs from what you owe on loan, then you’ll be on the hook for that amount. Often when a car is totaled, the owner receives a partial amount back. If you’re anxious to replace your damaged vehicle with a new 2019 Hyundai model, then you’ll find yourself short thousands of dollars. In fact, you may still carry a small loan for a car you no longer have.

Guaranteed asset protection insurance, called gap insurance, protects your finances by covering what traditional insurance doesn’t pay for. Although certain restrictions apply, most gap insurance pays out the difference between the cash value and the amount of your loan. This means that you’re not stuck paying for a totaled car while trying to afford a new 2019 Hyundai model. Plus, many gap policies pay for your insurance deductible as well, saving you another $1000.

For drivers looking for extra peace of mind, especially with the rise in natural disasters and cost of accidents, gap insurance eases that stress. Instead of trying to figure out how you’ll pay off a debt on a totaled vehicle, you’ll be able to get a loan for a new 2019 Hyundai Sonata, complete with advanced safety tech, to give you a fresh start. Give O’Brien Hyundai of Normal a call and find out if gap insurance is right for you.