Does your steering wheel pull from side to side? Perhaps you’ve noticed vibration in your cabin while you’re driving on the highway. While all cars eventually lose their new car feel, your vehicle can also show warning signs early on as well. It’s up to you to recognize those symptoms and perform periodic inspections of your car. Some primary services we provide at O’Brien Hyundai of Fort Myers are wheel alignments, which take about an hour to complete and can save you hundreds of dollars if you perform them regularly. Find out if your car needs an adjustment, then stop by our Hyundai dealership in Fort Myers, FL if you have any questions.

Why Get a Wheel Alignment?

Your tires experience most of the serious problems tied to a misaligned car. Your car’s alignment affects how much weight is distributed to each tire, so if your vehicle leans heavily on one tire, it could eventually lead to uneven or rapid wear. Other tell-tale signs that your vehicle needs an alignment check are crooked or loose steering wheels, vibration while driving, and rapid wear of new tires. Misalignment can also cause damage to other critical elements of your car, including your steering bushing, tie rods, suspension, and ball joints. These are particularly costly elements to repair or replace, which is why we recommend servicing your car at the first sign of a problem.

Service Your Hyundai Vehicle at O’Brien Hyundai of Fort Myers

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